Nutritional Advice

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!

Part of living well is having a balanced diet and eating vital foods, which means foods that have a life force. Much of today’s so called ‘food’ is dead. It comes with chemicals, additives, genetic modifications, over processing and labelling most of us do not understand.

‘Ill health is a disharmony between man and his environment’

– Hipocrates

For example, if you wanted to avoid sugar, you need to understand all the different ways the food manufacturers are labelling the ingredient sugar i.e. corn starch, sucrose, fructose ………… and there are many more.

The level of Nutrition in our diet will affect how we think and feel, as it affects our nervous system:

  • food is our fuel – the quality will affect how our body operates
  • processed ‘foods’ rob our body of nutrients
  • is food seen as a reward/punishment?
  • do you have cravings?
A nutritionally balance meal
Part of living well is having a balanced diet

What should I be eating?

A big question for many, is what should I be eating to be healthy and maintain a good weight? We are all unique, with different genetics and metabolisms – we need to be more aware of the quality and quantity that we are putting in our mouths.

We also need to be eating more intuitively – what is it that my body is looking to eat i.e. sometimes an avocado, other times a bowl of green vegetables, or chicken and vegetable soup.

Sue's approach

A Consultation with Sue will involve questions and support on Nutrition if it is needed.