A range of preparations and packs which support everyday life activities

I offer a range of herbal mixes and packs to assist in the treatment of a range of common illnesses, injuries and ailments. All are available with consultation.

Herbal Mixes & Packs:

  • Rescue mix
  • Sleep mix
  • Study mix
  • Immune mix
  • Hay fever mix
  • Bruise mix
  • Sports pack*

*A special supplementary mix that supports the traditional First Aid Kit – especially good for cuts, bruises, aches, pains and shock.

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Success Stories

Conceiving naturally

After five years of trying to conceive plus undergoing a number of IVF treatments, Elle visited Sue. Elle had a history of headaches, pain and PMT with her monthly cycle. With treatment, her menstrual problems improved dramatically along with her chronic worrying. Elle and her husband now have a young son, about to start school. Elle has regular consults to update her tonic and ensure her worry and stress levels along with her hormones, stay balanced.

Improving confidence

Tom, a young primary school boy, on his initial visit presented as very sensitive to his physical and emotional environment. His immune and digestive systems, along with times of lethargy and intense headaches showed a nervous system under huge stress. After treatment with Herbs and Bach Flowers, that supported him to relax and improve his immune system, he has been transformed into a young person blossoming with confidence. He will always need to understand and look after his own uniqueness and sensitivity.

Overcoming lethargy

Will, a 21 year old male, was not enjoying his job, but had always been very healthy. After a series of colds and then blood tests, discovered he had had Glandular Fever. He presented with lethargy, and swollen glands. With treatment supporting his body and nervous systems, plus advice to take extended rest, was back to full health after two consultations.

Overcoming post-natal depression

Alison, 44 year old woman, had history of post-natal depression. She was having problems with sleep, energy, hormones, sinus and hayfever. A lot of emphasis was put on her nervous system due to past and current stresses, which were affecting other areas of her body. Currently Alison is going really well, but knows the Herbal Tonic keeps her balanced, happy and healthy.

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Treating IBS and tinnitus

Helen presented with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Tinnitus. Her history was abusive and traumatic. With support from the Herbs and Bach Flowers at a deep level she learned to relax, gain confidence and let go of old memories. She shows remarkable strength and wisdom considering all that she has to deal with.

Treating allergies

Matthew, a 40 year old man, and very fit sportsman presented with allergies that showed up on his skin, terrible hay fever and digestive problems. He also had problem with chilblains. Treatment included supporting his highly sensitive and reactive digestive and circulation systems. He regularly returns for Herbs and Bach Flowers to ensure he can eat a much larger range of foods, now being less sensitive to everything, avoids yearly hay fever, and ensures chilblains don’t return and his skin is fine. His energy is much better as a consequence.

Natural support through menopause

Anna a 51 year old woman, was peri-menopausal and suffering from night sweats, hot flushes, anxiety and feeling ‘lost’. These are not unusual symptoms around mid-life for women, and remind us we do not control the cycles of life. Therefore with greater understanding and some hormonal support, Anna is now sleeping well, with only the occasional warmth during the day and night. She is feeling much happier with sense of purpose and understanding of the transformation that is Menopause.

Treating Crohn's disease without drugs or surgery

Harriet a 20 year old student, with a history of protecting herself, mother and sister from an abusive father, came with a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. Medically the options were steroids, drugs with huge side effect plus with the possibility of surgery to remove the inflamed section of her bowel. Treatment included Herbs and Bach Flowers that calmed and relaxed the whole digestive and nervous system. Eighteen months later, Harriet has remained drug and surgery free, taking care of her diet, stress levels and taking Herbs and Bach Flowers regularly.

Supporting cancer patients

Two women with similar stories. Breast cancer diagnosis that involved one with the lump being removed, the other the breast, both including lymph nodes being removed, then radiotherapy and hormone treatment. For Joy, until she finished the hormone treatment, she suffered from reoccurring Urinary Tract Infections. Both women needed emotional, immune and lymphatic support. Part of the treatment is for fear – fear of cancer returning. Both are doing really well but need lymphatic herbal treatment support or the left arm gets very tight and congested. They both also need and have regular lymphatic massages.

Improving breathing, snoring and sleep

Harry, when he came was almost six years old. The first impressions of Harry were, that he was a robust, social and sporty young fellow. A mouth breather from birth, he had had a few health issues when really young and was treated with lots of antibiotics. A cold developed into tonsillitis and very large adenoids, with snoring and sleep apnoea plus bed wetting. An operation to have his adenoids removed was put off for six months to see if it could be avoided. He responded well to gentle detoxing of his respiratory system especially, and boosting his immune system. He has not needed the operation, is sleeping a lot quieter, his immune system has improved, as has the bed wetting. This was all within three months.